My edit of NIKI's "Around"
This beat actually went through quite an adventure. I made the melody and beat by itself and I wanted to put vocals over it. Since I'm not a lyricist or singer, I put vocals from Sugarplum Elegy, another song also by NIKI.
Sugarplum Elegy was not that easy
Sugarplum Elegy is in 3/4, and my beat I made beforehand was in 4/4. I was able to manage her vocals in the beginning, but farther into Sugarplum Elegy, she has more sustained and longer vocals which was hard to convert to common time.
Another problem is that there is leakage from the instrumental. I used iZotope RX 7 to extract the vocals from the song, which actually does a pretty decent job at. In the beginning, even though the ambient noises are leaking, it adds ambience to the remix too. But in the chorus of Sugarplum Elegy, you can hear the snares leaking. I eventually decided to use a different song since I had problems with the 3/4 time signature and trying to extract the vocals by myself.
I chose "Around" since it has minimal instruments and I could easily extract the vocals, and its in 4/4. Once I put the vocals on top of the beat, the drums sounded very out of place. Since the song is very low energy, I decided to put a low pass filter on the drums. Instant lo-fi.
I modified the melody to fit the parts of the song. For example when she sings the line, "Oh, I wanna be the one you call drunk," she sings an accidental, so I went out of C major and put a G#maj7. You can also hear modified chords when she sings about something like "sad".
The vocals are modified too. In the beginning, at "Oh, I hope it's you they put me in the ground by," the word "put" is an accidental in the original song, so I used Melodyne to put it back in the scale. I could've changed the melody to match the accidental, but I thought it didn't fit in the beginning of the song. The vocals are also warped to match the beat of the song as she sometimes fluctuates tempos in the original song.